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Access For Infants and Mothers

AIM Program provides health care to uninsured pregnant women whose income is too high to qualify for no-cost Medi-Cal. AIM also provides health care for the baby, up to 2 years, after its birth. AIM Program covers all necessary medical services from the time the applicant is accepted into the program until 60 days after her pregnancy has ended. The newborn is fully covered up to his or her second birthday.

  • Applicant cannot be more than 30 weeks pregnant at the time of application.
  • Applicant must be a California Resident for at least 6 months.
  • Applicant cannot be receiving no-cost Medi-Cal or Medicare benefits.
  • Applicant cannot have maternity benefits from a private insurance, or if there is a separate maternity-only deductible or co-payment of more than $500.
  • Applicant must meet the income criteria of AIM guidelines

Monthly Income Levels Effective April 1, 2003 - March 31, 2004
Family Size Monthly Household Income (after Program Deductions) Total Annual Cost for Participation**
2*$2,021 to $3,030$485 to $727
3$2,545 to $3,815$610 to $916
4$3,068 to $4,600$736 to $1,104
5$3,591 to $5,385$862 to $1,292
6$4,115 to $6,170$987 to $1,481
7$4,638 to $6,955$1,113 to $1,669
*Pregnant woman counts as 2.
**Total cost is 2% of Adjusted Annual Household Income.

Please Note:
  • Income below this amount may qualify for no-cost Medi-Cal.
  • A $50 cashier's check or money order payable to Access for Infants and Mothers Program is required at the time of application.
  • After April 15, 2003, the following tax filling forms must be submitted: 1040, W2, and 1099 INT for 2002. Tax forms of 2001 will no longer be accepted.

  • All necessary physician services.
  • Hospital services.
  • Prescriptions.
  • Diagnostic testing.
  • Health education (such as smoking cessation services).
  • Durable medical equipment.
  • Prenatal care.
  • Well-baby care.
  • Emergency services.
  • Mental health services.

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